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Web Design 500


Our goal is to help our clients achieve success with their small business by creating an easy to use, professional website which aligns with your vision and business plan.



For the low cost of $500 plus gst for website design you will get:

  • An attractive, functional website for your small business. The template used for your website will be based on our website so if you like our website you are going to love yours!
  • Website registration ( for 2 years. Please call to confirm.
  • Online booking system to make the booking convenient for everybody
  • 3 months free website hosting and maintenance. After 3 months you may choose to host and maintain the website yourself or we can do it for you for $50 plus gst per month and you may cancel at any time without penalty


Client Satisfaction

Loyal Clients

Positive Feedback

Years of Experience

Our Workflow

Step 1: Decide if you need a website

Not every business needs a website but in general having a professional internet presence shows you are serious in what you are doing and generally will boost your income. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Step 2: Provide information

You will need to email us the following information:

  • Your desired website address (
  • If you need any extra pages (Testimonial, Gallery of previous jobs, etc.)
  • A few paragraphs about yourself and your business and products/services.
  • Your business logo and other product pictures if you have any.

Step 3: Website design

Your website will usually be up and running within a week. If you are transferring your old website to us, it can take a bit longer. We do not need to meet face to face but we will call you at some stage to discuss the changes, etc.

Step 4: Make payment

You do not need to make any payment until we have designed your website and you are happy with everything. 🙂

Step 5: Marketing

Spread the word and let your family and friends know about your website and services. The leverage of having a professional website should boost your overall income significantly.

Click on picture to see how it works

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim the costs in my tax return?


We will give you tax invoice. Most of our clients do claim these costs in their tax return. You should talk to your accountant.

Can I make changes to the products myself?

Yes, you will become the website Shop Manager and can modify the products/services as required.

Can I show a YouTube video instead of one of the photos?

Yes. You have to give us the link to that YouTube video.

My clients pay me at my physical storefront. Do I need to have online shop?

We suggest instead of pages: “Shop”, “Cart” and “Checkout”, you have a page called “Pricing” where we put all your products and services in one page.

Can I add Call-Out fee to my service?

Yes, we can add call-out fee to your services. The customer has to select their location from a drop down list and based on their location they will be charged a call-out fee.

What is Online Booking System?


With Online Booking your customers can make their appointments themselves without even calling or emailing you. You must have clear working days and working hours and your appointments must have clear durations. e.g. 1 hour appointment. Once someone makes a booking, that time period will be allocated to that person and nobody else will be able to book in that time slot. If you expect a lot of cancellations we do not recommend online booking system.


Can I give Gift cards or have Sales periods?


Yes. you can give gift cards to your friend to use when they purchase your products and they will be asked to enter their coupon code on Checkout to get the discounted rate. Or alternatively you can have Sale periods when you discount everyone for a period of time.